This is the story all other stories are based on, Jumper Cable. I hope you like it, and thank you for reading.

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At a small second-hand appliance shop, several previously-used television sets were jointly airing transmissions from channel 157.

The scene was set in a large room filled with monitors, control panels, keyboards, and cables, where a group of middle-aged adults surrounded a blonde teenager wearing round-rimmed glasses. Beside him was a young woman. Both of them wore the dark blue uniform of a computer college.

The teenager was typing and controlling the output from a large monitor, connected to two dimension portals, large cables interrupted by controlled vortexes. His eyes were focused, but it was obvious, even through the many televisions, that he was tired. The young woman also noticed this, and watched him with concern. But the rest of the men and women in the room were only focused on the dimension portals.

Finally satisfied, the boy entered a last line of code, then moved back from the control panel where he was seated. He removed the headpiece he had on, then sighed. He wearily spoke. “The connection between the two portals was not as synchronized as it should have been. That resulted in the erratic transfer of materials from the 2000 dimension to the 642 dimension. This could have been prevented by regular maintenance, checking for reliability of the connections at least once a week.”

“Thank you, once again,” one of the older men, a member of the faculty, said. “You have proven the success of our training program, yet again.”

The boy only looked at him and the rest of the faculty with fatigue. He stood up and bowed to all of them. Then he walked out of the room, the young woman following after him.

“That’s all I’ll ever be to them,” he muttered as he walked down the hall. “Their perfect experiment, their best student.”

“That’s not true,” the young lady said.

“Stop kidding me, Jana, you know better,” he frowned. Then he suddenly smiled brightly. “Hey, Jana, is OUR portal still up?”

“Yeah, I think so,” she answered. She whispered, “But, won’t we be…”

“Nah. I’m the perfect experiment, remember. I can do things that they can’t.” He said this with a blank face.

He opened the door to a room labeled Study Hall 6, which had a large control panel and a similarly large monitor. He went to the control panel and started the system. He attached one cable to a rectangular steel object the size of a typical shoebox. “Uploading animation archive…” He was starting to loosen up, and to smile.

“NO…please, not again,” Jana pleaded while the boy took out a set of wires and a headset.

“Just for a while, Jana,” he smiled a blank smile. “It’s been a long day. I wanna get away from it all.” He typed several lines of code into the control panel. “Opening dimension portal…” The monitor displayed access to a large cable line running through the sides of the room.

“But, we’ll get caught…”

“You won’t, Jana. I will be. And they don’t dare mess with me. Don’t worry. It’s just for a while,” he told her while settling down onto a lounge chair. “Begin login.” He closed his eyes, and seemed to fall asleep.

The monitor began to show several colorful scenes of various types. Within one minute the monitor also displayed an image of the boy with the round-rimmed glasses, smiling back at the young woman left at the control panel.

“I’ll be okay, Jana. I’ll be okay.”

The channel disappeared in an instant, replaced on all the second-hand television screens with a bright shade of blue.

Chapter 1

Dino was getting seriously bored. New dorm room, no room mates, first few weeks of classes, no homework. And no TV. He needed one so he could hook up a game console/DVD player, to say the least. He needed one because he did not want to just stare at the computer screen and watch DVD copies of movies and animated series all the time. He wanted to watch stuff on television, too, and he wanted to take advantage of the cable-ready dormitory. So, he decided to save enough allowance money and to buy a cheap, second-hand, 14-inch television set. Just a small TV to keep in the dorm room.

When he finally managed to get enough money, he walked to the nearby surplus appliance shop and bought a small cable-ready television set which still had attachments for an antenna. Having no choice, he personally carried the TV home around his arms.

A girl met him at the main door of his dormitory. “Thanks for opening the door, Andy,” he said.

She grinned and went ahead of him to open the door to his own dorm room.

“You’re being unusually nice,” Dino noted with a raised eyebrow as he lowered the television onto the floor. “What do you want?”

“Nothing much,” she said. “Just let me watch ‘My Favorite Girl’ when it’s on, okay?”

“NOT that annoying harem anime show,” he scratched his head. He had nothing against anime in general. He did have a problem with shows about a geek surrounded by large-bosomed girls.

“But, Dino, you’re the only one who understands!” she pouted. “You’re the only other person here who watches anime. So, please?”

He scratched his head again. “Just remind me, okay?”

She smiled, said thank you, and left him to tackle the cables and the plugs.

Connecting the television to the dormitory’s cable line was an easy job, and within a few minutes Dino had the TV up and running. He channel-surfed for a few moments, to get familiar with his favorite sports channels. He stopped at a cable channel airing a cartoon with robots.

“Mecha Fighter,” he noted. He was tired and he did not want to change channels anymore, so he lay down on the floor near the television.

After several minutes of watching two giant robots fighting it out, the scene changed to show the interior of a military base. Several military officers chatted about the outcome of the fight, before walking down the corridor. They left behind one character not in military uniform, who walked around looking all around him at the walls and at the rest of the interiors.

Suddenly the character on screen faced the television, as if to talk to the audience. “Incredible! A portal-sensitive monitor system!” The character, a boy of about twelve or thirteen wearing round-rimmed glasses and a soft cap, had his face almost glued to the screen, peering over and around it as much as he could. “Um, is there anyone just past this monitor? You can answer me, you know.”

“Is this guy talking to me?” Dino thought aloud, surprised.

“Yeah! I’m talking to you!” the boy inside the television replied brightly. “If you press 199 on the controller I can go there and talk to you personally! Well, almost…”

“No kidding,” Dino smirked.

“Give it a try!” the boy challenged.

It spoke volumes of how bored Dino was at the moment, that he actually took up the remote control and pressed 199.

As soon as he did, the character on screen dissolved into pixels and disappeared. Simultaneously, a figure pixelated in front of Dino, finally forming the figure of a teenaged boy wearing a pair of worn-out rubber shoes, faded jeans, a funky camera vest over a long-sleeved shirt, round-rimmed eyeglasses, and half-tousled hair covered by a soft cap.

Dino blinked, then raised the intergalactic sign of greeting. “Live long and prosper? May the force be with you? Beam me up?”

But the teenager had forgotten about him entirely, leaning over the only window, looking out at the cars passing by, peering under the wooden bed, opening the few books that were scattered around the room, and generally admiring the television set – which was still on the floor, Dino not having a table for it yet.

Dino was trying to keep his composure, but a boy from nowhere currently messing with his things was getting on his nerves. “Excuse me, WHAT are you? And why are you in my dorm?”

The boy in the glasses stopped just long enough to grab Dino’s hand and shake it up and down and up and down. “The name’s Data Fix, howdyado?” Then he went on to check again on the television. “Ah, I didn’t expect image converters like this were still around…”

Dino was confused. He stood still while the whirlwind of a new guest kept running around the television. “Will you please explain what just happened?”

But the boy in the glasses was not listening, peering all around the television set and examining all the connections to the wall as well as the antenna. “Shortwave frequency transmitter, optic cable image transceiver, thankfully no cathode ray tubes…” He reached for the cables attached to the television. “Dimension cables! Cool!”

“Those’re just ordinary TV cables,” Dino explained.

“But these old things are better suited for dimension-crossing! Even for jumping!”

“Excuse me, ‘jumping’?”

“Everyone else is a slider, a dimension-crosser,” the boy grinned. “But I’M a jumper. I jump through universes!”


“Sure! There are at least three thousand universes that I can access at any time, and I can go to them any time!” he raised a small mobile and showed a digital wristwatch with a large display. “Here, I’ll show you a few.”

The boy took the remote with deft hands and channel-surfed for a few seconds. He stopped at an animated series currently airing on a certain station.

“Samurai Wars,” Dino identified the show.

“Area 578, category 22, dimension year 2003,” the boy noted. “Wanna go there?”

“What do you mean, GO there?”

Data reached into a satchel and took out a digital wristwatch much like his own. He slapped this onto Dino’s left wrist then pressed on two buttons. Data pressed several buttons on the mobile phone. “578-22-2003, then.” He pressed on his own wristwatch. “Here we go!”

“WAIT!” Dino protested. “Where are we going? Are you sure this is even SAFE? Who said I’m coming with you?!”

All the protests were drowned out as Dino began to pixelate from the feet upward until he completely disappeared from the room, along with the boy called Data Fix.

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